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Scott Foster and GUESTS
singer - songwriter -  guitarist

We are pleased Scott Foster has joined Dine Live. He will guest host future tribute shows From Beatles to Pink Floyd featuring Utah's top performers as guests on Scott's show. Scott delivers a tasteful rendition of your favorite classic rock legends. He is very connected to some of the best known and upcoming talent in Utah, and you will hear mesmerizing harmonies by his mix of selected great voices joining Scott. His act is interactive, and chill-bending! Scott plays an acoustic guitar like a drum into a series of loop stations and a kaleidoscopic variety of guitar effects in order to emulate the sound of an entire band without using ANY pre recorded tracks. Now, ice that over with a singing voice that resembles a tasteful sonic blend of Train, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Sting and what do you get?... a vibrant, nostalgic, yet fresh performance that cleverly draws the audience in closer-- whether it be a crowd of ten, or ten thousand.

 Dine Live  Dinner Shows at The Provo Towne Center offer a up close and quaint personal touch with Utah's top performers.

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